Missing Holiday Sun Shawl

Missing Holiday Sun Shawl is a crescent shaped Tunisian crochet shawl combining traditional looking Tunisian simple stitch with rows of lace. It is constructed top down and uses 200 g of sport weight yarn that is light enough for spring and summer but still gives a bit of warmth, which lends it to be a great layering option for chillier evenings and long walks outside.

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Skills required

Chain, Tunisian crochet technique (alternating forward and return passes), increasing under front horizontal bar (inc A), increasing under back vertical bar (inc B), Tunisian simple stitch (tss), extended Tunisian simple stitch (extss), Tunisian double crochet (tdc), Tunisian crossed stitch (tcs), Tunisian simple stitch bind-off, blocking.

Skill level

Finished measurements

The final shawl measurements (blocked):

Wingspan 150 x 44 cm (approx. 59 x 17.25 in)

Materials and tools

DROPS Baby Merino (100% Merino wool | Sport | 50 g (1.76 oz) = 175 m (191 yds)), Lemon Punch (#45) 4 balls

Tunisian crochet hook size 4 mm (US size G-6) with cable (at least 100 cm (40 in)) or size to obtain the gauge

Tapestry needle


You can get your craft supplies here.


Blocked Gauge:

16 sts x 14 rows = 10 x 10 cm (4 x 4 in) over st pattern

Stitch guide

Tunisian crochet stitches are worked in 2 steps; forward and return pass from right to left, with the number of sts (lps) increasing on the hook during the forward pass and decreasing during the return pass.

Return pass is worked in the same way for all stitches (rows of sts) used in this project as follows : 1 ch, *yrh, draw through 2 lps on hook, rep from * until 1 lp on hook.

Edge stitches:

Right edge stitch- This is the first lp on hook and counts as first st unless otherwise stated.

Left edge stitch- This st is referred to in the pattern as the End Stitch (ES) and is crocheted as follows: Rotate the end of the fabric towards yourself, insert the hook under both bars (left and right) of the last st, yrh and pul.

  • First row of Tunisian crochet: Insert the hook in the back bump of second ch from hook, yrh and pul across.
  • Tunisian simple stitch: Insert the hook from right to left under front vertical bar of the next st, yrh and pul.
  • Extended Tunisian simple stitch: Tss, ch 1.
  • Tunisian double crochet: Yrh, insert hook from right to left under the front vertical bar, pul, yrh and pull through 2 lps. Tdc sts in this pattern are worked under 2 front vertical bars.
  • Tunisian crossed stitch: Skip the next st, insert the hook in the next front vertical bar and pul, insert the hook in the skipped front vertical bar and pul.

Increase under front horizontal bar: Insert the hook from front to back under front horizontal bar, yrh and pul (1 st increased).

 Increase under back vertical bar: Insert the hook from right to left under back vertical bar, yrh and pul (1 st increased).

Tunisian Simple stitch bind off: Insert hook from right to left under front vertical bar of the next st, yrh, pul and pull through the lp that is on the hook. One lp remains on the hook.

ch- chain  yrh- yarn round the hook  
st(s)- stitch(es)  pul- pull up a loop  
lp(s)- loop(s)  FP- forward pass  
tss- Tunisian simple stitch  RP- return pass  
extss-extended Tunisian simple stitchtcs- Tunisian crossed stitch
tdc- Tunisian double crochetRS- right side  
inc A- increase under front horizontal barapprox.- approximately  
inc B- increase under back vertical barrep- repeat  


The Shawl is worked flat, RS facing from right to left. The shawl is worked from top down with 3 increases on each side for rows (6 per row) of tss and tcs and 4 increases on each side for rows (8 per row) of tdc.

The stitch count refers to the number of lps on hook on FP.

Bind off row should be worked loosely to allow for the extra stretching during blocking.

Blocking the shawl is essential for this project as it opens up lace stitches and highlights each individual stitch pattern.


Chain 8.

Row 1 FP: Insert the hook in the back bump of second ch from hook, yrh and pul across. 8 lps on hook.

Row 1 RP and all other RPs: Standard RP.

Row 2: Inc A, tss, inc A, tss, inc A, tss in next 2 sts, inc A, tss, inc A, tss, inc A, ES. 14 lps on hook.

Rows 3: Inc A, tss, inc A, tss, inc A, tss to last 3 sts, inc A, tss, inc A, tss, inc A, ES. 20 lps on hook.

Rows 4-6: Rep Row 3.38 lps on hook.

Row 7: Ch 1, inc A, ch 1, inc B, ch 1, extss, inc A, ch 1, extss, inc A, ch 1, 2 tdc under next 2 front vertical bars together across to last 3 sts, inc A, ch 1, extss, inc A, ch 1, inc B, ch 1, extss, inc A, ch 1, ES, ch 1. 46 lps on hook.

Row 8: Inc A, tss, inc A, tss, inc A, tcs to last 3 sts, inc A, tss, inc A, tss, inc A, ES. 52 lps on hook.

Rows 9-13: Rep Row 3. 82 lps on hook.

Rows 14-17: Rep Rows 7-8 twice. 110 lps on hook.

Row 18: Rep Row 3. 116 lps on hook.

Rows 19-33: Rep Rows 3-17.  212 loops on hook.

Rows 34-49: Rep Rows 18-33. 314 lps on hook.

Rows 50-55: Rep Rows 18-23. 352 lps on hook.

Row 56: Tunisian Simple stitch bind-off.


Weave in ends and block to final measurements as in schematic.

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