Every journey starts with the first step

Welcome to my blog about all things crochet! I am glad you made it, and I am equally glad I made it too. I have been thinking about starting a crochet blog for the longest while. Well at least for a few years. Somehow I always managed to talk myself out of it for various reasons, none of which makes much sense now. So, here I am, possibly ready for this new endeavour.

I learnt to crochet in 2014 (if you would like to know the whole story you can read all about it in my About Me page) and quickly became slightly (my husband would most likely object to slightly) obsessed with this wonderful soul soothing craft. Since then my skills improved, my yarn stash has been increasing and taking over our apartment, my friends and family each got at least one crocheted item from me and I got comfortable watching a whole movie without ever looking at the TV (is it really watching than…?).

Here you will find my own self- published patterns, stitch and technique tutorials, odd yarn review and a gallery of patterns featured in crochet magazines.

Aside from this, I am on a secret mission to convert more ordinary people to crochet lovers! Ooops, not so secret anymore…

If you would like to know about my latest designs, kindly pop your email address down below into the subscription box and I will be in touch!